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The Girl In Blue

In 1933, a girl dressed all in blue came to Willoughby, Ohio on a Greyhound bus. After spending the night at a boarding school and getting to meet everyone she decided to take a train to New York. Upon seeing the train, she dropped her luggage and sprinted for it. She was hit and killed by the train. No one knew her name or whether her death was an accident or a suicide.The only thing on her person was 90 cents and a ticket to Pennsylvania. 

Her identity remained a mystery until a title agency researched through some records and found her name — Josephine Klimczak. County records, however, have not changed the death certificate; she is still listed as The Girl in Blue.

The bottom of the grave reads “Unknown but not forgotten.”


A new exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery in London looks at colour photography in Russia. It presents both the history of Russian photography and the history of Russia in photography…fascinating and beautiful at the same time! 

Credit: Rain by Dmitry Baltermants,1960s


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